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The heat exchanger performance promotion of air dryer. Patented technology: enhanced heat conduction

Date: 2021-03-01

 Zhou Sheng is dedicated to research and produce the Refrigerated Air Dryer to meet the needs of the industry. Our air dryers which combine the patented technology -- enhanced heat conduction fin-tube heat exchanger, can increase 20% heat-exchange efficiency, and bring higher efficiency to the equipment.

This heat exchanger has two main characteristics:

1) Two-stage counter and turbulent flow.

In the heat exchanger, the high-temperature air entering from the aie compressor outlet will exchange heat with the cold air that has flowed through the evaporator. There are also many baffles in the middle, so that the cold and hot air flow in a "counter-flow" and "turbulent flow" way to enhance the heat exchange effect.


2) Enhanced heat conduction fin-tube

The materials of the heat exchanger are all high heat-conduction coefficient, including high-density aluminum fins, high heat transfer coefficient coppers, and the other key innovation-- Multi arc-wings aluminum squeeze. The aluminum squeeze is placed in the copper tube, which can force the air to diverge and fully contact the copper tube. The aluminum squeeze can also conduct heat to the copper tube, increasing the heat exchange efficiency by 20%.


      ※The above pictures shows the heat exchange simulated condition of air in the heat exchanger.

 (A) Hot air inlet:  The high-temperature and high-humidity air from the air compressor outlet. 

 (B) Hot air outlet:  After the first stage of heat exchange, it will enter the evaporator inlet for cooling.

 (C) Cold air inlet:  The low-temperature air that has been cooled and dried by the evaporator is ready to enter the heat exchanger for the second stage of heat exchange.

 (D) Cold air outlet :   The low-temperature dry air at the outlet after the second stage of heat exchange.

The promotion of heat exchange efficiency can bring more convenience and possibility.

1)      Overcome the limitation of environment temperature

First, the heat exchange efficiency becomes better, which means that the allowable inlet hot air temperature can be increased, and it can be used in a higher temperature environment. Currently, the applicable ambient temperature of our product can reach 45°C.


2)      Reduce purchase and use costs

When the outlet hot air can release more heat from the heat exchanger, the temperature entering the evaporator can be lowered so that it can reduce the load of the refrigerant compressor and reduce power consumption. Additionally, when the temperature of the hot air outlet decreases, it means that the same refrigerant capacity can process more flow of air. The processing capacity increase more 10% than before, so that the dryers can match the modern energy-saving and high-efficiency air compressors , and there is no need to buy a larger model. In this way, it can be helpful in terms of purchase, space utilization, electricity bills, and the maintenance costs in the future.


3)      Maintain the factory environment

The dry cooling air from the outlet of the evaporator, gets more temperature rise after passing through the enhanced heat exchanger, which increases the outlet temperature by 7°C compared to the previous machines. Therefore, the outlet is less dew condensation, and it can reduce corrosion to avoid pollute the factory environment.