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Welcome to our company’s website, here you can have access to the best interactive service for troubleshooting of our products and the latest information on our compressed air purifying equipment and related application technology. By virtue of the resources available on our website, you can troubleshoot any malfunctioned machine that is from our company by yourself conveniently and reduce the machine’s down time.

Also available on this website are introduction to our company’s products, information on new product release, application technology, and our company’s future development trend. Should any company or individual has any question or suggestion on the use of our company's products or the content of this website, please let us know via e-mail. Any critical comment and/or advice will be appreciated.

Historical Development

Founded in 1992, our company has been dedicating itself to the design and manufacturing of A&D branded refrigerated air dryers which, by virtue of the company’s philosophy of “be a perfectionist in delivering outstanding products & service to customers” and consistently rigorous quality requirements and constant research & innovation in professional technology, have been granted numerous patents and medals. Below is a timeline of our company’s development history:

1992 incorporated and engaged in the manufacturing of refrigerated air dryer

1996 A full series of warming devices that prevent condensation at the outlet of heat exchangers developed

1998 A ball valve drainer successfully developed

2002 A reverse turbulence heat exchanger that improves heat exchanging efficiency by 25% successfully developed

2005 An intelligent energy-saving drainer successfully developed

2006 The company’s refrigerated dryers and energy-saving drainers CE certified

2007 A low temperature zero air generator successfully developed

2010 Involved in MOEA’s SBIR adsorption dryer development program

2011 A heat pump adsorption dryer successfully developed

Future Development

In the future, A & D will design and manufacture even better air purifying equipment with professionalism to meet the development requirements of ordinary industries and hi-tech industries. The concept of “achieving maximal efficiency with minimal energy” will be incorporated into the design and implementation of products with environmental-friendly philosophy in our R & D for reducing environmental load and achieving sustainable development of the company, in which process A & D will fulfill its environmental obligations.